- "Standard coverage panties, with extra thick chamois for longer rides"


- "Sultry styled panties, with medium thickness flexible chamois, for moderate length rides or spin class"


- "Full coverage “boy short”, with extra thick chamois for longer rides"


- "Sleek and sexy styled panty, thinner flexible chamois pad for shorter, sportier rides"


- "Made from incredibly soft  fabric"
Urban cyclists can end up riding 20+ miles on any given day. Obviously spandex is not appropriate day-wear in the city and ‘jorts’ are certainly not comfy long term on a saddle. Ouch! That’s precisely where chamois padded, cycling underwear come into play. The foam insert alleviates the discomforts of riding while remaining discreet and allowing you to flaunt your own unique style on the streets, or in spin class.
Our chamois underwear are stylish, comfortable cycling underwear. They have a foam insert sewn in for added comfort while riding. Unlike traditional riding shorts with a chamois, these are about fashion meeting function. You can wear them under any pants, shorts, denim cutoffs, or even non-cycling specific work out clothes you already own.
This cycling underwear allows a rider to wear whatever outfit they want, while still riding a bike in comfort. The high quality pad is sewn into an attractive pair of underwear so that a chamois can be worn discreetly.