Urbanist Cycling Chamois Panties

Cycling clothes are great for cycling, especially proper padded shorts. They really do make a difference protecting your posterior. However, they’re generally a bit “racer” looking. To try to solve this liner shorts are available, but they can be a bit tricky to get under some clothes as they often come quite far down the leg – an issue for shorter shorts or skirts.

Texan designer Christiana Guzman has decided to do something about this and has looked to crowdsourcing site Kickstarter to fund production of her new range of 2 styles of vintage inspired cycling underwear. Each design has its own padded insert for that comfort and padding – the Brigitte having more padding than its smaller sister the Bettie. Now these aren’t for the Tour De France of course, but there are shorts for that already. However for those summer rides down to the pub, they could be just the job.

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