Padded Cycling Underwear For Women

Exceeding her $25,000 Kickstarter funding goal in just 5 days, Christiana Guzman of Urbanist Cycling has obviously hit on a need with her padded cycling underwear. Urbanist is not the first to create this type of product for those women who shun lycra in favor of regular clothes when commuting around by bike. My Alibi has offered women’s cycling Bloomers for years, even sold through REI. But Christiana seems to have succeeded with the winning combination of style and function.

The Urbanist Chamois Panties (not a fan of the name) feature a foam insert sewn into the base for added comfort while riding. Unlike traditional bike shorts, the padded cycling underwear fits discreetly under your regular clothing, whether they be pants, shorts, or even skirts.


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