- " High quality cycling boxer brief , with extra thick, flexible chamois pad "
Urban cyclists can end up riding 20+ miles on any given day. Obviously spandex is not appropriate day-wear in the city and ‘jorts’ are certainly not comfortable long term on a saddle. Ouch! That’s precisely where Chamois Underwear come into play. The foam insert alleviates the discomforts of riding while remaining discreet and allowing you to flaunt your own unique style on the streets.
Chamois Underwear are stylish, comfortable cycling underwear. They have a foam insert sewn in for added comfort while riding. Unlike traditional riding shorts with a chamois, these boxers are about fashion meeting function. You can wear them under any pants, shorts, denim cutoffs, or even non-cycling specific workout clothes you already own.
This cycling underwear allows a man to wear whatever outfit he wants, while staying comfortable on or off a bike.